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08 Jan 2018

Meeting and Event Planning - Where Do You Start?

Starting your Meeting and Event Planning by thinking about "what objectives you want to achieve by the end of the event" you will stand a far better chance of actually achieving what you set out to.
Meetings and events are fast becoming the next big thing when it comes to marketing that works and generates revenue. How often have you seen a product or service or met a new company at an event and then realized how useful it would be for you and your own business?
I sense the answer might be yes. That is why events are such big business for the savvy companies that want to grow. Provided you get it right.
Too often people and businesses invest huge amounts of time, money and other resources in planning and running and event without being clear about why they are doing the event and what they want to get out of it.
Always start your meeting or event planning by setting some objectives. To help you to do this, it's useful to ask yourself some important questions:
First off all;
1. Why are you holding the event?
2. When you think about your business plan, how does holding this event assist you in achieving your business plan goals?
If it doesn't, then consider seriously if you should go any further. Or maybe you need to think about what kind of event would assist you to achieve what's in your business plan.
Secondly, how will you know when your event has been a success? What needs to have happened by the end of the event for you to declare it a success? Is it, leads to follow up, orders placed, industry recognition? The more specific you are about what you want out of the event, the easier it is for you to measure the events success.
Now you know what your objectives are. Who should attend the event and how many do you need to attend to achieve your objectives?
Finally, it is worth considering at the following at this early point; Are you looking to make a profit, or do you have a set budget to work towards?
Be clear about what the financial investment is. Are you happy to allocate a budget as part of marketing your business or do you want to look at ways of charging to cover part of the cost, or do you want to actually make a profit? Having thought through and answered the above questions, you are now ready to start planning how you will make your event happen.
Top tip. In today's busy world where time is even more precious than ever, we would recommend that you use a professional event planner like Blue Bubbles PA Rental & Events Supplies Co. It would make life so much easier....and save your budget hundreds if not thousands of dollars at the same time!

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